Do you find yourself feeling like things are stacked against you? When it rains it pours and it’s currently pouring shit from the sky? Feel like you can’t catch a break? In need of some good news for a change?

Well, here you go! Here’s your good news. Here’s a simple thing you can start doing, RIGHT NOW, that will help to turn that right around and make you start WINNING AT LIFE.

Ready for it?

Look for ways that you currently ARE winning. And then say out loud “I WIN!” (feel free to strike my above pose should you wish. I do… it’s fun)

Finding it hard? Well, I’ll help get you started.

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve got internet connection! You WIN!

It also means you know how to read. You WIN!

It also means you’re alive. You’re breathing. You WIN!

I have days where I feel really, really encumbered by the things in my life that are truly out of my control. So that’s when I play the I win game and it not only turns my attitude around, but the more I notice that I’m winning at, the more actual winning there is to notice!

Did I get out of the house on time? I WIN!

Wait, was I 10 minutes late? I WIN (cause I could have been 11 minutes late… or an hour late… or could have died on my way there in a crash)

Did I remember my reusable bags when I want grocery shopping? I WIN! (I legit announce this one to the whole store because it’s a big, freaking deal)

Was I kind to others today? I WIN!

Was I kind to myself today? I WIN!

The bottom line is that it can always be worse. Even when you’re at rock bottom, someone can come and kick you. But you’re even winning in that scenario, because it’s only one person kicking you… when it could be two.

Tell the story of your winning… in every scenario. Celebrate all the tiny victories until the tiny victories lead to big victories and then celebrate those big victories just as much. Know that the universe is looking out for you in the best way that you’ll allow it to. The more you appreciate where you are, the more there will be to appreciate. The more you say I WIN, the more you’ll be winning at life…

Cheers to winning y’all!