Debunking the "If I get a job I'm a failure" Myth


So you’ve got your own business. You’re super passionate about it, you know you’re good at it, you’re feeling good about what you’re producing. But you’re stuck. Cash flow isn’t what you expected it would be, and expenses are way higher than you bargained for. Money is not coming in fast enough, and it seems to go out with crazy speed. You’re seemingly stuck; you’ve either got to give up and get a job, or find some miraculous silver bullet that will get you where you need/want to be financially.

This is often when people reach out to me. It’s such a common situation so if you’ve got your own business, are in this situation and are thinking “WTF am I doing wrong?!”, just know, you’re not alone. Most successful businesses have struggled through similar financial situations… probably more than once. And the key to the situation is HELP. Help is something a lot of entrepreneurs don’t ask for (or don’t ask until it’s too late) because they feel like it’s a failure.

And that’s why I feel like I need to introduce you to your new best friend; failure. I’d love to debunk this myth that failure is a bad thing. I’d love for poor failure to stop having such a bad rap. Because failure is my biggest teacher, and the reason why I’m the strong and successful person that I am today. I use the example of exercise because it’s the most tangible explanation that I’ve found. Muscles only get stronger if you push them to failure. Ya, it means you’re legs give out in that moment. Or you drop the weight and don’t make the lift. But in that moment you’re muscles get woke af! They are literally, in that moment, in their fiber, creating more strength to meet the new need that you just introduced. If you hadn’t reached for that goal, your muscles wouldn’t have needed to create more strength. But you did, and so failure is REQUIRED to get you to the level that you need to be to achieve that goal. So next time, you’ll get further because you reached further. It’s the development of strength. It’s expansion. It’s a fail… and that’s a good thing because it’s growth.

And it’s the same for literally everything else. Mental strength. Emotional fortitude. Business longevity. It all comes from being tested and you don’t get tested by winning all the time. You get tested by being pushed to where you don’t think you want to be, and seeing how you handle it.

A common thing that clients say to me is that they are being faced with having to get a job and give up on their dream. To which my response is “Do you mean get a job OR give up on your dream?” Because they are not one in the same. Getting a job, getting income whilst you work on your dream, giving yourself the relief that you need so that you’re not up all night stressing… is kinda necessary. And for anyone who can’t make the leap to understand, I reference lululemon’s founder. He specifically got a job so that he could finance his vision. And, as I’m sitting here writing this in lululemon stretchy pants and their love t-shirt (I love their brand), I can assure you his decision wasn’t giving up (404 stores worldwide with over 2.3 billion in sales in 2017!!).

He did what he had to do to make his vision happen. He tried, failed/learned, and then got after it again. He got a job and got help when he needed it and that SAVED him, and his brand/business.

It’s only giving up if you view it as such.

So, what do you need help with? Finances overwhelming you? Unclear as to what the best next steps are? Wanting to automate things and become more efficient? Struggling to decide whether or not you should get a job… or throw in the towel?

I can help with that.