Trust in God... but tie your camel.


Trust in God… but tie your camel. It’s an Arab proverb akin to “God helps those that help themselves” and this perfectly describes how I live, how I approach business and how I approach coaching.

But I’ve yet to photograph a camel. I do however have this photo of a sweet ass. So to make this work for me, I’ve modified it slightly… “Trust in God, but watch your ass”.

If I just sit and wish, and don’t do what I need to do to move forward, I end up camel-less (or, in my case, assless). But conversely, if I’m a slave to the work and don’t take the time to nurture myself and honor my connection to something bigger and my true purpose… I’m emptier still.

AWESOME AF coaching and systems offer a well rounded approach to living a meaningful, successful and FULFILLING life. Real connection to true purpose and our existence, careful coaching to make sure that you remain in alignment with your highest purpose, and practical systems that allow you to pursue all of your life’s dreams without becoming a slave to tedium. It’s well balanced, nurturing movement towards fulfillment and abundance, wherein the path itself is FUN.

So, welcome. I’m happy you’re here.

Are you ready to unleash your inner Bad Ass?