So you’ve got haters, eh? CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a sign you’re doing something of worth. So keep at it.

Apparently, I do too! How exciting! It’s like the Five Timer’s Club on SNL. I think we should all get jackets!!

I received some unexpected hate last week, so I thought I’d share some tips for dealing with haters that have served me quite well.

Haters are bystanders. They are people who, instead of throwing down in the ring, sit on the sidelines, pointing their fingers, criticizing those who are in the ring, fighting for what they believe in. If they're not in the ring, why give them your time? They can feel free to have their opinions. They can feel free to hurl them at whoever they like. But I'm too busy with people whose opinions I value to allow anyone who isn’t in the ring to pull me off course. Focus on the opinions of those you trust and who matter to you.

You can learn something from everyone. Even the haters. And if there’s truth in their statements, (you can usually tell if your reaction is SUPER STRONG) then it only benefits you to look at that truth and ask yourself “how can I improve upon this?”. Be willing to set your ego down for your own sake, extract the truth (if there is any) and see what you can do to address that issue or improve upon things. But it’s important to extract the true bits, and leave the rest. Often, haters will take a small mistake, and try to use it to completely negate who you are and what you do. Successful entrepreneurs know that mistakes are just a part of the gig. It’s how you handle those mistakes that matters. And what makes you AWESOME AF is owning your mistakes, learning from them and turning even what a hater says to you, into a win.

You know, having haters means you’re out there. It means you’re doing something… and getting noticed. Be proud of yourself and be thankful for those who provide you with the opportunity to stand strong and to refine who you are. Having people in your corner to support you is great, but it is those who have caused me the most pain in my life, that have given me the gift of remembering who I really am. So be grateful… especially for the haters.

In my gratitude, and while I wait for those “I’ve Got Haters!” jackets to come in, why not use the code below and have a drink on me! Whether you’re a lover, or a hater… I’ve got nothin’ but love. Cheers!

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Need help dealing with haters, or being more gentle with yourself as you make your way through the trials of being a small business owner? I can help with that.