Listen, I know that people who are positive and stoked on life can be… well… annoying AF. And I don’t want to be that, but I do need to tell you that I’ve got some things going here, in my life, that are rocking my world in a really good way. And if I wasn’t happy about it, and maybe even just a little bit annoying about it, you might not take notice.


Here’s the thing; my life fell apart in 2018 (divorce and breast cancer being the top contenders for shitty things that happened). I had no choice but to get my shit together. And not only did I get my shit together but I realized that I have been, very effectively, helping other people to get their shit together for YEARS. And the people I’ve done it for have continuously told me I should do this for a living.

So now that I’ve already gotten CLEAR AF, EFFICIENT AF and ABUNDANT AF with my own Photography business, and now that I’m free of cancer and free of an extremely life sucking marriage, I’ve got time and energy to share.

So I’m taking on a VERY LIMITED number of AWESOME AF clients in 2019. For what you ask? Well, I’ll tell you!


I’m taking on 4 entrepreneurs who want get clear, find direction, set goals, meet goals and start rocking the crap out of their business with JOY. Think of this like a mastermind on steroids, where you find insight, connect with purpose, weave purpose into everything that you’re doing and start moving towards all those things you keep saying you’re going to do, but then “get too busy” to do.


I’m taking on 4 entrepreneurs who are in need of a lead management / process management system to eliminate redundancy and increase profitability and productivity. Are you super overwhelmed with work and the thought of hiring someone to help is so daunting that you just keep allowing yourself to get buried? Do you know that you’re doing double work, but don’t know how to automate and integrate all of the different systems you’re using? Enter EFFICIENT AF. Think of this as your fucking savior. For real. I’m not kidding. I’m talking click a button and it replaces a half an hour of work. That has legit happened. My EFFICIENT AF clients love me for a reason.

Do either of these sound interesting to you?

If so, there’s something you should know.



I don’t work with just anyone. I need to respect you, how you work and what you do. I need to believe in your business and brand, which really means YOU need to believe in you and your business and brand. And I need to know that you own your life. There is no blame. Just responsibility. If you want change, you need to embrace change.

So…. are you ready to awaken your inner bad ass?