Are you super overwhelmed with work and the thought of hiring someone to help is so daunting that you just keep allowing yourself to get buried? Do you keep trying web based systems that boast that they’re going to be amazing and then you either can’t figure out how to use them, or realize, once you’re in too deep, that they don’t really work for you in the way they should? Enter EFFICIENT AF. Fully customizable, branded to your business and built SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU and your business so you know it will work exactly how you need it to. Time saving, energy saving, LIFE SAVING!

Trish is a badass. She helped me find every step in my process that was inefficient, redundant or unnecessary. She created a lead tracking and management system for me that thinks of EVERYTHING. It’s branded and pretty, so I want to work in it and it saves me so much time. As a result of this, my business has grown exponentially!
— Steph Smith, Garnish Cocktails and Set Collections