The Efficient Automation Fast-track, also known as EFFICIENT AF is the light at the end of the tunnel. A fully customized database driven system that will replace tedious, time consuming and repetitive tasks with automation! $995 is the non-refundable fee required for the requirements review and to get your project slotted on Trish’s project schedule. Actual system costs start at $1,595 and up depending on functionality. This retainer goes towards the total cost of your build.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to implement a fully branded, fully customized TO YOU lead and process management system that will take your existing time consuming and repetitive processes and replace them with buttons. Buttons that you click that do all of the work for you; generating contracts, generating to do lists, generating emails, creating complex pricing calculations, reporting on income for taxes... you name it.

What is it?

A database driven lead and process management solution that is created specifically for you and your business. And the support you need to learn it, use it and implement it with your team.

What is the point?

To rock the crap out of your business and get your life back. To become way more efficient, way more productive, way more profitable and to put you in a position of loving your business again and being EXCITED to scale and grow.

What do I get out of it?

Your life back! With a fully branded, customized to you process management system that will make work fun again and impress all of your clients with your lightening speed and professionalism.

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