AWESOME AF offers practical and effective business coaching that can help you to get CLEAR AF on who you really are, what you really want and move forward towards your true purpose and dreams. But more than just business coaching, AWESOME AF offers something that no one else does; real, tangible, practical systems for your business that will fully get you on your way to the life and business you really want!

So often, we already know what we want, but then find that we have no idea how to get there, or, more often than not, find that we just don’t have the time to put into realizing our dreams. They key here is to get EFFICIENT AF. Free your time from the mundane and repetitive tasks and get back to being the creative powerhouse that you are!



I had all the tools. I’d read all the books. I tried all the gimmicks. Shit, I tried anything that I could get my hands on that had worked for anyone else. And I worked my freaking butt off. But it was a constant struggle. I worked all the time, but found myself always struggling for money. Always struggling for work. Always stressed. Even when I wasn’t working, I was thinking about work. And not in the fun way, like in the beginning.

In the beginning, everything was an idea, everything was filled with excitement and promise. But now, all I was thinking about was my bottom line. How do I grow my numbers? How do I make myself more profitable? What can I do to make things better? What will happen if this doesn’t work? And when the hell will I ever get to take a break?

And then, the unthinkable happened. My marriage of 20 years abruptly and painfully fell apart, leaving me a single mom of 3 kids and shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. PLAYTIME WAS OVER kids. And so was my life, or so I thought.


Just a year later and I’ve been able to take all of the things that I’d been doing for others for years, and finally did them for myself. I did my own clarity programs, determined what I really wanted and then got EFFICIENT AF by building myself a business system that made my photography business nearly self sufficient. And this crazy thing happened! Once I did for myself, what I’d done successfully for others for years, I finally realized the value it had. I finally saw why all of my previous clients had told me I should do this for a living.

I am now cancer free, my photography business is more efficient and profitable as ever and I’m helping to grow and better the lives and bottom lines of several other small businesses as well. I have an amazingly abundant money flow and guess what else? I’m having FUN again!! I’m enjoying and loving my work more than I have in years. I’m traveling to places I never thought I would and having experiences that are blowing my mind. And as much work as it is, I don’t feel stressed… at all!

I’m Trish. I’m the bad ass behind AWESOME AF. And my life, successful businesses and happy clients are proof that getting CLEAR AF and EFFICIENT AF lead you to a life that is ABUNDANT AF.

I have a background in holistic medicine. This taught me how to view your life, your person and your business as one and allows me to see connections where most people might not.

I have a background in financial services, operations and software design. I built a multi-million dollar trading product in my early twenties and then moved on to the IT department to design the software to support it. I have a unique view of business that marries the practicality of an operational mindset, with the technical know how to create and implement software solutions that not only ACTUALLY WORK to save time and money, but that are intuitive and easy to use.

I am an entrepreneur. I have my own businesses and know the challenges that small business owners face (isolation, wearing all of the hats, feeling like everyone else has it figured out, never having enough time in the day). I know the plight well, and I’ve bested it! And now I want to share what has overwhelmingly worked for me and my clients, with you.

Trish is so intuitive, she seems to anticipate every thing that I need in advance of me - sometimes I tell her what I need next, and she shows me how that’s already possible in the system she built for me - she has already thought of it!
— Steph Smith, Owner of Garnish Craft Cocktails and Set Collections Maui

I’m taking on a very limited number of new clients in 2019. So let me ask you, are you ready to be AWESOME AF?