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step one:: CLARITY

There's only one reason you're not where you want to be in life. And it's that you're not CLEAR about it. Find out how getting CLEAR AF is the most powerful step you can take towards creating the wealth, relationships and fulfillment you deserve.



Being an entrepreneur is hard. Lonely. You need a partner. Someone who will call you out on your bs, and who will hold you to your commitments to yourself. Find out how getting ACCOUNTABLE AF makes ALL the difference in making forward headway towards your goals.



So you've gotten clear, found success and have more business than you can handle now. Drowning it to dos. Find out how getting EFFICIENT AF is imperitive for the health and growth of your business, and how it can give you your LIFE BACK!



A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. But, what if you’re walking in the wrong direction? That’s why getting CLEAR AF is the absolute best thing you can do for you, your life and your business. Your stuckness is directly related to your lack of clarity. Let’s sort that out shall we?

Trish is nothing short of inspirational. Both professionally and personally, she is inimitable. A true leader, she empowers her clients. As a business coach, she nurtures your aspirations and creates tangible goals for you and your business. In short, she not only cares, but she delivers. What more could you want?
— Yasamin Salavatian, Rosewater Studio

“Accountability is critical for achieving winning results”
- Forbes


Wherein clarity is a crucial first step to identify where you want to go and why, accountability is a critical part of holding you to your path. And this is where most entrepreneurs fail by design. Being a business owner means you’re it. But that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. ACCOUNTABLE-AF offers tailored individual programs as well as accountability groups that move you towards the winning results you deserve!





When you own your own business, you know how valuable time is. Getting EFFICIENT AF means you’re setting your business up to be more profitable, more scaleable and you’re giving YOU a chance to get life back. From efficiency reviews that provide PRACTICAL steps and resources to get your current processes as efficient as possible, to fully branded and customized lead and process management systems that take 3 hour processes down to 3 minutes… you NEED to get EFFICIENT AF.


To try to describe what Trish has done for my businesses seems like an impossible task - the question should really be, “What has Trish done for my LIFE?!” She created a system for my businesses that thinks of EVERYTHING. It’s branded and pretty, so I want to work in it. And as a result of this, my business has grown exponentially. I have more time to spend with my clients and need less time to spend on paperwork and processes. She is so intuitive, she seems to anticipate every thing that I need in advance of me - sometimes I tell her what I need next, and she shows me how I can already do that in my existing system - she has already thought of it!
— Steph S., Garnish Craft Cocktails + Set Collections